Room Booking

Thank you for choosing “Nyein” Hospital. Your doctor or the hospital staff will make the necessary booking for your admission into the hospital.

          At “Nyein” Hospital you have a choice of different variety of rooms. Room charges will depend on room space & facilities.

Type of Rooms

Economy, Standard, Deluxe, Superior Deluxe, Suite

          Except economy class room, all other rooms are executive style and are siar conditioned with attached bathrooms, telephone and television with satellite channels. Depending on the capacity, room charges for the standard rooms will vary.

          While we will do all we can to provide you with the room type of your choice. We will only be able to confirm the availability of the room type at the time of your admission. This is due to the uncertain nature of the patient’s discharge dates and emergency admission in the hospital.

          However, if we are unable to provide you with the room type of your choice at admission, we will make the transfer as soon as your preferred room type is available.

Where to go

You can be registered for admission at the Emergency entrance, which is on the front of the hospital. The doctors and nurses will assist you for admission. You will need to produce your doctor’s referral letter and other identification documents.

OPD Surgery

You must be in the hospital at least tow hours before your scheduled operation time. The reason is that “the patient should be prepared for any medication as well as taking the rest before any procedure. The operation hours will be adjusted on the availability of the operating theatre and the consultant concerned.

What to Bring

  1. Your doctors’ referral letter (If any)
  2. Your national identity card or Passport for foreigners.
  3. Your Past medical treatments results and investigation (Medical Records)
  4. The lists of medication which you are presently taking and their dosage.
  5. Your clothings.
  6. Toiletries (e.g Tooth brush)
  7. Slipper for those whose wear shoes.


You will need to make a deposit on admission either day surgery or inpatient admission. The deposit varies with your room type, your admitting diagnosis and estimated length of stay. The cashier will provide you the receipt, please keep the receipt carefully.


You can settle the deposit and hospital bill by cash or credit card. For foreigners, you have to settle either by F.E.C (FOREIGNE EXCHANGE CURRENCY) OR KYAT. All bills have to be fully settled at the time of discharge. It takes about thirty minutes to process your hospital bills. Please check care fully and ask any questions regarding the expenses.

Inpatient Room Charges

We brake Inpatient room Fee at twelve noon. After twelve noon we will charge you next one day fee. But if you are taking infusion drip or waiting for car to go home or if specialist round time will be so late till two pm, we will not charge. If you stay up to four pm we will charge half, if you stay over six pm we will charge you next one day room fee. (You have to pay one day room fee from the day of admission to the twelve noon of the next day).